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Welcome to the Outdoor Advertising Association of Texas website.  Our industry is the oldest form of advertising, dating back 100s of years, when merchants posted signs along path ways to sell their wares. 

Merchants in Texas are no different today, which helps keep the Texas economy strong and alive.  No state in the union has such a robust economy, and it is because of our entrepreneurial spirit.  That spirit drives Texas businesses to be successful, and that success depends on marketing and promotion. 

The modern out of home (OOH) advertising industry has been a part of the Texas landscape for well over 100 years and has helped countless Texas–owned companies sell their goods and services. 

Who does not remember driving Texas highways and looking for a great restaurant, lodging or that rest stop that sells everything? 

Each year our industry helps hundreds of charities get their messages out to offer their services and garner public support. 

All in all, billboards are good for the Texas economy.  Our only business is helping other businesses boost their business…and that’s a good thing. 


Lee Vela