Companies interested in joining the OAAT can contact the Association Secretary in the Austin office. 

Membership categories.

Active:  An individual, firm or corporation engaged in the business of owning or operating poster advertising or painted display advertising plants.

Associate:   Any person, corporation, association or organization connected with or interested in the development of outdoor advertising.  No operator of an outdoor advertising plant is eligible for an associate membership

Honorary:   Determined by the OAAT Board of Directors.

OAAT functions through a board of directors elected by the membership.  Officers and committees are chosen by the board.  Committees include operating standards, membership, legal, publications and public service, and finance/budget.

OAAT's Austin staff, headed by Rusty Kelley, one of Austin's leading legislative consultants, provides members with advice and counsel on state regulatory activity; the drafting of legislation and administrative regulations; input on franchise, sales and property taxes; highway matters; and other issues impacting outdoor advertising.